7 Secrets to Selling Your Home That People Often Forget

7 Secrets to Selling Your Home That People Often Forget

  • Scott Einfeldt
  • 10/8/22

Most sellers know to declutter, decorate, and upgrade when staging a home. Homebuyers in the suburbs of Atlanta expect style and class, so making extra preparations is imperative. Here are some innovative measures sellers can take to stand out from the rest.

Virtually walk in the buyers’ shoes

When grooming your Sandy Springs luxury home for sale, show up at the starting block. Online search results and information within home listings hook home buyers. Obtain their perspective by looking up your address in a search engine. Verify accuracy with particulars such as the number of bedrooms or bathrooms, type of house, mansion, or condominium, refreshing features like a deck or pool addition, or exciting attractions in the surrounding area. View the Google Maps display. If the panoramic view doesn’t depict recent renovations or upgrades, the sale posting should promote them. A web-savvy Sandy Springs realtor can assist with creating an enticing and authentic home listing.

Avoid appraisal or inspection shock

Mortgage lenders will require an appraisal and inspection before funding the sale. A clever way to field this obstacle is to have a survey completed before posting the house online. Licensed appraisers with a large number of stellar reviews are advantageous.
Once the home evaluation concludes, it’s time to get your hands dirty and enhance your opulent Buckhead or Brookhaven mansion. Repairs, upgrades, additions, and renovations are an extensive phase of the selling journey. Getting them accomplished before listing your Brookhaven real estate for sale decreases stress. More buyers will desire your home, and closing won’t be wrought with heated negotiations over who is responsible for making repairs.

Enlist a photographer for captivating photos

Breathtaking images of Sandy Springs luxury homes for sale will attract home hunters. Your expert Sandy Springs realtor will likely connect you with a premier real estate photographer, or you can hire one. Having a talented photographer is critical in the home selling process. Generally, a poorly taken image will eliminate the success of a home listing, so this isn’t the time to try out some amateur photography.
Expose potential buyers to the strengths of your home through fantastic listing photos. Professional photographers will know to consider the lighting, angle, details, and mechanics. A beautiful home photograph will emphasize lively colors and natural light pouring through the windows. The professional will use a wide lens and the right angle to include all the elegant accents throughout the home. A photographer experienced in real estate will know to include specific details in the photo, such as dazzling views of the surrounding natural landscape or a spacious layout of a significant room.

Be transparent about warranty coverage

It’s common to include appliances within a home sale. Buyers may negotiate to keep stainless steel refrigerators, state-of-the-art ovens, or even trendy air fryers in the deal. A practical step would be to share the new owners' warranty information or other maintenance records. Other warranties covering structures, roofing, plumbing, air conditioning, or anything throughout the property should also come with the contract. Preparing these ahead of time will make the handoff easier.
You may want to include a new home warranty with the sale of your home. Selecting a highly-ranked home warranty plan will make your house more appealing to prospective buyers on top of the comfort of protection.

Ensure your house is a high performer

Buckhead properties are highly coveted throughout the Atlanta metropolitan area. While their aesthetic and charm are radiant, their efficiency might be a different category. Unlike a typical appraisal or inspection, an energy audit executed by a knowledgeable contractor can identify ways to increase the energy performance of your house. This assessment addresses the functionality of the home’s HVAC unit, lighting, appliances, and overall thermal unit. Long-term problems can arise from undercover construction flaws. Small and large imperfections, such as cracks near a window or a faulty ventilation system, can lead to agitation or even health problems. Further, covert energy problems can lead to higher utility bills. Increase the value of your home by having a talented tradesperson seek out and fix issues to give your home a higher energy rating.

Accentuate modern environmental advancements

It’s popular to have cutting-edge home features installed in contemporary Brookhaven mansions. Turning up music, locking the front door, or adjusting lighting, can be achieved through a phone application. Create amazement with in-home demonstrations. Homebuyers will be delighted to see your house equipped with convenience.
When buyers visit for an open house or viewing, get creative with smart light bulbs. People have different tastes, so try to pick up on the buyers’ personalities to choose a lighting theme. Upbeat and extroverted guests might enjoy a multicolor scheme. A green and red hue might be the right touch during the winter holiday season. A simple white light or meditative lavender hits the mark for a demure group.
Climate is just as important as lighting for a welcoming effect. Fortunately, tapping the phone will instantly adjust a smart thermostat. Prospective buyers will remember how they felt when visiting the home for sale, so they must be comfortable, neither too hot nor too cold when taking a peek. Consider subtle variations when getting ready for visitation.

Prioritize natural sensory delights

It’s fundamental to combine natural joys with smart home convenience. While smart bulbs can create an electrifying scene in your condo for sale in Buckhead, there’s no substitute for natural light flowing throughout the living space. Be sure to open window coverings and let in the sunshine. Doing this will create a relaxing and happy mood in the home. Spread some lush plants around the interior, and people will quickly connect a pleasing scent with your house.
For seasoned guidance with staging and selling your Atlanta palace, Scott Einfeldt at Scott Fine Homes is eager to assist. He is the top realtor north of the Atlanta perimeter. Scott has served the residents of the Atlanta metropolitan area for over two decades and is rated in the top 5% of realtors by the Atlanta Realtors Association. Reach out today to learn more.

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