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Our integrated marketing system leverages targeted advertising, social media, email marketing, and traditional one-on-one networking.

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Scott Fine Homes Group incorporates a multimodal approach to marketing your home. You only need one buyer, but it is important to cast as wide a net as possible while developing a marketing plan that targets your prospective buyer. We’ve been able to leverage Scott’s extensive sale, marketing, and data analytics background to develop our comprehensive Digital and Social Media marketing plans while at the same time integrate tried and true Traditional Real Estate one-on-one networking and tools to attract a buyer for your home. 

Read below to gain an understanding of how we will market and sell your home. 


Data Driven Market Analysis

Setting your home’s list price when you Go Live is one of the most important elements to determine how fast and for how much your home will sell. Based on the National Association of Realtors (NAR), if you set your price just 10% above the market, you will lose more than half your prospective buyers – no matter how comprehensive and effective your marketing strategy. Setting a price incorporates not only data analysis but market knowledge and insight. Working with Scott Fine Homes Group you will have the perfect combination of market expertise and a data driven decision making process. We are about relationships and collaboration, we do not dictate your final list price – we partner with you to determine the best price to fit your motivation.


Professional Home Staging

Home staging is a valuable marketing tool to help sell your home. In a good or bad housing market, some studies have shown that staged homes can add between 10% and 15% to the final sale price of your home. Sellers who don’t take the time to properly stage their home may end up with their home on the market for longer periods of time and agreeing to a lower selling price. Sellers may have their work cut out for them, but when you talk in terms of dollars, our sellers can make thousands more and sell their home faster by properly staging their home. Our team of designers and stagers will ensure that when the photographer comes to your home, it will be clutter free, clean, and attractive to give your home the “wow” factor to attractive prospective buyers.


Does My Home Need Updating?

 If you have done an excellent job of remodeled over the years, the answer is probably no. If there is deferred maintenance and home improvements to key areas such as kitchen, bathrooms, flooring, painting, etc., you might consider making those changes before you Go Live with your listing to ensure you secure top dollar for your home sale. With Compass, you do not need to spend your hard-earned dollars to perform remodeling. With Compass Concierge, you get fronted for the cost of home improvements with no interest – ever.


Professional Photographer and Videographer

It’s all about the photos and video! Over 90% of buyers view their next home online but did you know that 85% of those buyers say it is the photos and video that are the most important factors when deciding to visit a home? You have spent a significant amount of time, and possibly money, preparing your home for sale, now it is time to for our team of photographers and videographers to get to work. We use only the most brilliant and creative professionals to photograph and video your home. To stay true to our Core Values, whether you are selling a million dollar plus home or your first home, we use the same photographer and videographer to ensure we capture the beauty of your home.


Ready to go to Market

In the Atlanta Metro Area, we are served by two Multiple Listing Services (MLS): First Multiple Listing Service (FMLS) and Georgia Multiple Listing Service (GAMLS). FMLS is the dominate MLS serving the Atlanta Metro Area. In consultation with your Realtor, there are two ways to list your home in the MLS’s – “Coming Soon” or “Go Live”. Coming Soon will create a buzz around your listing even though it is not official an active listing. The goal is to create a "buzz" and activity for your home, with Realtors and buyers, prior your listing “Going Live”. If the market conditions are right, you might decide not to do Coming Soon and just Go Live with your listing when you are ready. Your Scott Fine Homes Group Realtor will make recommendations as to which listing model is right for your given your timeline and motivation.


Marketing Plan – Digital and Social Media

As noted in the Professional Photographer and Videographer section above, buyers primarily search for a home via the Internet. The importance of your homes digital footprint is enormous in attracting buyers. This is where the Scott Fine Homes Group excels. We engage buyers and their Realtors via several Social Media Platforms, our two CRM systems, targeted Google Advertising and other forms of electronic communications to ensure your home has the highest visibility possible with the right messaging.


Marketing Plan – Non Digital

At the end of the day, traditional marketing methods should complement your Digital and Social Media Marketing Plan. We use only the highest quality materials in our printed materials to include your marketing brochure and Just Listed Direct Mail. A one-on-one relationship between Realtors plays an important role in not only securing a contract but ensuring that the buyer and seller reach the closing table successfully. If your listing agent does not have an impeccable relationship with other Realtors, people will not want to deal with them. Team work is one of our Core Values where we work together with our business partners to meet the needs of our clients and help the company succeed.

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Scott Fine Homes Group at Compass has built our success on a reputation providing white glove service to every client at every price point.