Improve Your Initial Offers by Making These Changes When Selling Your Home

Improve Your Initial Offers by Making These Changes When Selling Your Home

  • Scott Einfeldt
  • 01/22/23

Selling your home can be an exciting and emotional process. However, it can also be overwhelming to navigate a dynamic and competitive market. There is more to selling a home than simply determining a list price and putting a sign in front of your property.
Every home is different, and all buyers and sellers have specific expectations when dealing in real estate. It can be challenging to understand the nuances of the local market and respond appropriately to ever-changing market conditions.
If you want to satisfy personal and financial goals, selling your home will require considerable planning and effort. From pre-list preparations and robust marketing to open houses and negotiations, there are many factors and variables to consider.
Despite all the moving parts in the home-selling process, there are plenty of elements within your control that will help you garner top dollar for your property. The dedicated and experienced team of realtors at Scott Fine Homes highlights some of the best things you can do to attract high-quality offers as you prepare to sell your home.

Boost curb appeal

Regardless of how luxurious and elegant the interior of your home is, a buyer’s first impression always starts with the exterior. Before listing your home for sale, consider investing in professional landscaping to enhance your home’s curb appeal. A pristine lawn with well-maintained shrubs, seasonal flowers, and classic planters will make buyers feel welcome and excited to tour your property.
Enlisting the service of a professional landscaper is not a requirement. However, sellers typically recover 100% of landscaping and lawn maintenance costs at the time of sale, so do not underestimate its impact. At a minimum, ensure all weeds and dead plants are removed, fresh straw or mulch lines all beds, and overgrowth does not block your home’s beautiful facade.
In addition to landscaping, remember to refresh your mailbox and front door with a new coat of paint and hardware if needed. Pressure wash dingy structures and spaces for a polished and inviting aesthetic. Maintaining impressive curb appeal is an easy way to attract strong offers.

Declutter and depersonalize

If you have lived in your home for an extended period, the design and decor likely reflect your life and family. It may seem unnecessary to remove family photos and other personal items. But you want to create a space where buyers can envision their new life in your house. Depersonalizing showcases your home’s potential and inspires buyers to make it their own.
In addition to minimizing the personal touches in your home, it is crucial to declutter and organize every space. From kitchen counters and coffee tables to nightstands and shelves, clear away unneeded or misplaced items. Similarly, you might consider removing excess clothing, shoes, and linens from closets. Buyers appreciate ample storage space, so addressing overflowing closets shows buyers they will have the space they want and need.
As you declutter and depersonalize your home, assess the layout of each room and whether the existing furniture complements the space. You may need to remove oversize pieces that make the room feel crowded. Rearrange as needed to facilitate an effortless flow throughout your home, and be thoughtful about the entryway. You want buyers to feel connected to your home as soon as they open the front door.

Update, upgrade, and deep clean

Although the thought of remodeling can be exciting, extensive and costly projects are usually not necessary for selling. With the help of your realtor, determine which projects will yield the best return on investment before starting major renovations that cut into your bottom line. For instance, updated flooring and roofing can be beneficial, while extras like custom closets and attic conversions may not significantly influence a buyer’s decision.
Some of the easiest and best changes you can make to highlight your home’s charm include fresh coats of neutral paint colors, new light bulbs and updated fixtures, and minor repairs to things like squeaky doors and outdated hardware. If you want to prevent buyer contingencies, conducting a pre-sale inspection before listing will alert you to potential issues you can address before offers are submitted.
Regardless of the upgrades and repairs you implement, showing an immaculately clean home is paramount. Have your home professionally cleaned before listing, and plan to maintain that state throughout the home-selling process. When you present a clean and well-maintained home, buyers are more likely to recognize and appreciate the value of your property.

Implement professional marketing

One of the best ways to attract solid and qualified leads is to market your home extensively and to an appropriate clientele. When employing a strategic and comprehensive marketing strategy, sellers are better positioned to secure offers aligned with their financial goals and expectations. Fortunately, working with an accomplished realtor will remove this burden from your plate.
Your realtor will arrange for high-quality professional photos and videos to showcase your impressive home. If needed, they will also arrange professional staging in high-value rooms, like the kitchen and living room, where buyers tend to focus.
They will utilize a variety of tools, such as virtual tours, social media campaigns, agent-to-agent referrals, and traditional media, to drive traffic to your listing and generate enthusiasm around your property. Well-connected realtors also leverage their luxury networks to market your home and ensure you receive the best offers possible.

Work with a trusted realtor

While there are several things you can do individually to improve offers on your home, there is a reason 86% of home sellers worked with a realtor in 2022. Enlisting the service of a professional and dedicated agent will take the guesswork out of a complex process. Your realtor will provide help and guidance on all the changes previously mentioned and connect you with the relevant professionals to facilitate those improvements.
Additionally, realtors have extensive market knowledge and will help you determine a list price that appeals to buyers while maximizing profits. They will advise on additional selling strategies, like whether to offer buyer incentives and when price adjustments are necessary. A top-tier agent with a substantial luxury portfolio will improve the quality of leads and offers on your home.
Scott Fine Homes is a full-service real estate firm offering unparalleled concierge services. With a dedicated team specializing in Sandy Springs luxury homes, Brookhaven mansions, and highly sought-after Buckhead properties, Scott Fine homes is a powerhouse in the Atlanta luxury market. Contact Scott and his team when you are ready to sell your home and secure next-level offers.

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